Obvious To Me

“BP Acted With Gross Negligence in Gulf Oil Spill,” Federal Judge Rules according to the linked NPR article

Not interested? It could cost them $18B under the clean water act.

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Microbeads. Good for you my home state!

FTA: “Lake Michigan and the many rivers and lakes across our state are among our most important natural resources. We must do everything necessary to safeguard them,” said Gov. Quinn

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I believe my site is back up to full operating speed, not considering my lacking upsteam. Sorry world, but that’s the price you pay hosting at your own residence.

Good thing my site hardly gets visited by anything but bots, otherwise my ISP would likely make me upgrade to a ‘business’ type account. And we don’t want that extra cost. Although I could just open my wifi and download the crap out of illegal torrents, but eh…I just want internet on which I can serve a couple lackadaisical pages.

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I Think I Should Unplug

I need a break from all this NSA stuff and the loss of our freedoms. I’m going to step away from the internet for a day or so. I Hope.

EDIT: Who the f*** am I kidding? It’s the Internet FFS! And my kids are being ultralazy today sleeping in until at least 11!

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Inception Post

America’s inception, which correlates with my 1,776th post!

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