O M G UnFrickingBelievable Tortuous Suck

First my gopro camera won’t charge, effectively making it dead.

Then I find my powersupply for the retropi hub. Nope, it was 12V 1A supply. Didn’t realize that until after I smelled the burning. So my gaming USB controller, USB keyboard, and extra usb hub are dead.

OMFG FML to maximum. This shit is absolutely driving me crazy. After spending a month looking for that gd power supply.


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And teh suck

I was eating some christkindle popcorn shelby brought home from her trip there a week-or-so ago. Right before Pat stopped by.

Those Germans make some tough popcorn.

I am no longer thinking of myself as invincible. Thanks for the reality check, jerks.

So I wasn’t really eating the bag as much as the leftovers the kids barely left me. It was tough eating, but I was chomping down on that stuff.

I finished the bag and threw it away. A bit later I noticed something sharp in my mouth. Must be a darned piece-of-kernel.

I tried working it with my tounge, until I realized that’s not a kernel, that’s my broken molar.

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Mein Leben hat sich so dunkel und ohne Hoffnung. Ich weiß nicht mehr, was ich tun.

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It's official

I’m going to have to live with that dent in the ex forever. Fmmfl. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

I can’t live with this dent. It’s destroying my life. I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since it happened, often waking up with the thought of THERE IS A DENT RIGHT ABOVE THE DRIVER’S DOOR – FMMFL.

I’m going to go back and see if I can talk to the estimator and see what he says about getting it fixed right; not that I don’t appreciate the touch up job he’s done.

Ain't Nothin Working Today

In an infuriating way, I have a cascading series of failures.

1.) CGminer is not functioning properly – that’s OK, my pool doesn’t seem to be either.
2.) My windows laptop is having some sort of issue where it won’t connect to the network and Defender is now turned off and won’t turn back on.
2a.) Laptop won’t connect to a network
2b.) I hate windows. I really do. I don’t know why I even used it. I am paying the price.
3.) Because FML\
4.) I got woken up at 6 when I heard the garbage trucks, realized I fell into my Tysabri coma, and thought F**K, the garbage. Luckily shelby took it out last night.
5.) I need my neck/shoulders rubbed

And the kids haven’t even gotten up yet.

6.) I got a flat on the path and walked home. : (


Ik vrees voor mijn toekomst en die van mijn kinderen. Ik woon in een huis zonder empathie. Geen enkele emotie. In feite krijg je een standje voor het opvoeden van hoe je je voelt.

En de mensen in dit huis gewoon niet krijgen. Kan het gewoon basic life niet begrijpen. Het gaat niet om te schroeven dan iedereen om je zin te krijgen, het leven is over coöperatief werken met mensen om je heen. Maar je kan het gewoon niet begrijpen. Waarom?

en dus moet ik blijven luisteren naar de voet te slepen. Elke Ochtend. Elke dag. Per seconde verwerkt. Het is niet zo moeilijk op te halen van uw voeten.

kijk uit, worden de wachters te kijken!

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