You stiff the Murican economy by merging with Tim Horton’s, eh? but then you go ahead and stick up for net neutrality.

I especially like the dig at Pai with that oversized Reese’s mug.

The Right Wing


they’re like vinyl. They don’t offer the best sound and they wear out. But damn they’re comforting and I want to feel good, so I’m gullible enough to believe the shyte they’re touting* like a door-to-door salesperson (average joe’s view, not mine).

*Clue: They won’t deliver, and if they do it’ll be repealed. Looking backwards doesn’t move you forward.

Like any politician, they will no deliver. Let me guide you to the definition of insanity, and I won’t even link it, i’ll post the following explanation from merriam-webster:
“…insanity may be defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”…”

Yeah, that could be considered fake news if I didn’t include the whole paragraph, even though I citied it as I should
“An oft-quoted bon mot (frequently attributed to Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, or a number of other people who probably never said it) is that insanity may be defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” While the job of lexicographers might be easier if they were allowed to use witty sayings instead of precise definitions, such belletristic labors are not within their purview. The straight facts about insanity are these: it has been in use in English since the late 16th century, for the first two hundred years or so carrying only the literal meaning “the condition of being mentally deranged.” In the 19th century it began to take on a looser sense, “extreme folly or unreasonableness.” In modern usage, insanity may be found in both senses: you may tell your brother that trying to skateboard while holding onto a car is “insanity” (in which case you mean that it is extremely foolish) or encounter the stricter original meaning in such contexts as insanity plea.”

Kind of changes shit, does it not?

Wow, that digressed from right-wing bashing to insulting low I.Q. via fake news rather quickly, didn’t it? They both suck ass, AFAIC.




Yeah Right!

Your politics can not divide us forever.

FTLA: “The law still gives the U.S. government access to the information. Except, the massive database of call records now remains with service providers and the government can seek court orders to access specific records.”


To tinker with car’s software…soon. Whatever, if I want to void my warranty, I’d go ahead and mess with it. But it’d likely be after the warranty and payments are over, and it’ll only to improve the mileage. Those Ex’s are hungry for gas.

And yes, I know Rage is talking about false illusion of freedom. But it works out. FREEDOM…YEAH, RIGHT!