Time Konsuming!

I’ve been putting a lot of time into the TK site as of late. It hasn’t left me a lot of time to update MjNet. Hopefully in the next month or two it won’t be as busy and I’ll be able to post more often on here. Probably not if my children have any say.

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Only Tomorrow

Knows what our future holds.

Nerve-wracking as F!

UPDATE: All went pretty much well. A few very minor issues to have covered. I believe all we’re waiting on now is the financing/money portion. My biggest fear, not having access to Great Lakes water, was abated when I tried the water in that house. It’s better than the filtered water I get in our current house. That extra filtration step really makes a difference, too, so it’ll make that houses water taste great, if we get it.

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Tech Heavy Week

For me. I probably won’t be posting much until after the JStan’s Bday (4th of March). Along with my network complications, I’ve got a NER I’ve got to knock out.

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An Incorrect Use of Whom?

I am no master of the English language, but it something which I strive to surpass my peers (who make it easy). One area I am working now is the use of who vs. whom. It is my understanding that whom is used when the subject of which you are speaking is not known. If that is indeed the rule, of which I am not sure at this point, the last real-life example in this article is used incorrectly. The whom is referencing “The Massachusetts man”. Then again my understanding of who vs. whom may be grossly incorrect, and I’m the one who is wrong. If so I apologize. Where is an English professor when you need one?

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