Sunday Morning

And I’ve fixed the editing boxes on my wiki. I think they’ve been like that since we went to college. Private wiki, it wasn’t that important.

And I’ve managed to accomplish something so my youngest has awoken and is FSU.

I Left My Heart In Colorado

Isn’t that the sort of things bumper stickers and whatnot would say? It was cooler than the first time I went there, thanks in large part to Mr and Mrs Ryan Hansen. Thanks guys. I also got to see THE legendary Robert H.! With a brief appearance by Greg Kus! I did a lot: hiked in the mountains (actually foothills), privately toured the New Belgium brewery, ingested a lot of beer, and smoked and ate a lot of legal marijuana.

‘Twas amazing!

I have to thank Shelby for sending me out there and the Hansens for hosting me. Amtrak for getting me there and back safely, because we all know I am not flying!

Now the worst part. I really want to move out there. No humidity. Water better than the water in Chicago. And the schools are good too. Now just to convince the wife.

I also have to get a Colorado flag to hang in the garage next to my Illinois flag, and a T-shirt of the Colorado flag.

Anyway, here are the few pics I snapped while hiking.

A Beautiful View

I went on a bike ride this morning, a mix of trail and path. I had a omlette before I went on my ride. Bad idea. I think it slowed me down. First thing I want to show you is a panoramic I took while I was riding:

Shrunk for the web, click to open full view

Which leads me to the second picture. Something probably not too exciting for you. Actually, you’ll probably view it as a mundane and a waste of bandwidth, but to me it’s a huge victory. An important milestone that puts me closer to my first goal!

228.0 lbs

All this bicycling and not eating shyte is paying off!

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GG Trent Reznor

Video calls (yes, facetime…ugh) his dying friend who couldn’t make it to the show.

Allows video of his call and the following song to be broadcast on the web.

Can’t buy publicity like that. And it makes me feel good about being a fan since pretty hate machine. NIN is one of a select few bands which I actually buy an album. I’ve got hesitation marks in my car’s audio player right now.

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