I thought my server took a dump. Luckily I was able to get it back after some tinkering. Nothing seems wrong, except I suspecting a failing hard disk. I’ll run some tests on it in time, but for now, I’m just happy my site is back.



GDI Yahoo

Time to find a new secondary email. I was never really happy with the reverse name structure anyway. Or their constant harrasing to turn off ‘insecure access’.


I’ve chosen GMX. Yes, I went with a Deutschland based email account.

Happy Birthday!

As I sit here in my new house (garage) staring at my new* explorer (Ex) [family truckster], I realize last year is going to be so very tough to top.

It’s not just the stuff, its the happiness that comes along with it. No, I’m not talking about some artificial filling of some empty void. I’m talking about the happiness that comes from having your own roof over your own head. And under that roof is my family. My life is whole. Happiness is ensuing. Happy birthday to me.

Plus, I live so very close to the prairie trail and VA/Sterne’s. : )

*Next week my Ex is about to turn one year old too!

Welcome…To The World

Our Christmas present & newest member of the the family, Keira!

I guess I’ll have to get you your own domain!

Good Luck Punky

At your first day at your new school. I hope it exceeds all of your expectations, and is more fun then you could possibly imagine.

I'm Back Baby

Got the server up and running at my new house! All whilst cooking Thxgiving turkey and getting the house arranged. Not to mention getting the house unpacked.

Feeling kinda super hero ATM, as much as that is likely a fleeting feeling.

I'm back baby

Movin' On Up!

So I have a pretty exciting announcement (for me and my family, at least). We’ve procured a house that we will be able to turn into our home. I know this is considered racist, however, my white daughter won’t be a minority in her school. It’s sad to see what has become of Streamwood, and that’s why were GTFO! At least part of the reason. I’m almost 40; It’s time for me to have a place for my family!

Obviously, I’ll have to park the MjNet site until I receive broadband and it’s configured for service. But that shouldn’t be until later November. That along with the move could mean weeks of downtime for my site. $0 c0n$1d3r t|-|i$ y0ur |-|34d$ up! Not that anyone reads this site.

Not a bad 2,800th post