Especially when it’s (hopefully) applicable

Say Somethin

But I’m tired from all this movin’ we’ve been doin’
Ugh, but I’ll lose people’s attention even worse if I don’t update
~Not that I have any visitors~
Well, what could I post?
Something about THE MOVE? Nah, cliche.
Something about not having ridden much in the last two months? But then for what is Strava? 50° day coming up on Saturday.
Boast about the car I got in late april of this year still has < 2,000 miles. I guess I just did, but no. Poised to change with the cold weather arriving anyway. Rant about having lost faith in humanity. NOT AGAIN. How about this conversation going on in your head right now? YEAH

Happy 4.20

Enjoy Responsibly, and have fun.
Have a nice piece for your endeavors.
Now about what was I talking?


I rode 60.9 miles last week. On my 2005 Giant Rincon! Go me!