You're Unbelievable!

Ah, reminds me of middle school. Wasn’t a very fun time. I think I had this single on cassette.

MjNet G++

No, not google plus. I’ve found a solution to make my site faster. Google’s Page Speed Services (PSS), it’ll replicate your site and speed it up. It’s a perfect solution for my hosted-from-my-garage personal site. You should notice an immediate improvement from outside of my network. Drop a line if you notice the site loading faster, don’t notice an improvement, or if something is not working.

Thanks el goog!

80's FlashBack Of The Week

Talking Heads…Man I’m falling in love with this band all over again. It’s taking me back to my childhood. All I need to do is put BTTF on the television! The only problem? The creativity of the 80’s is not with us anymore.

Thank Goodness

All this technology for recording video all the time came out after I finished high school! My life could have some embarrassing memories which couldn’t be forgotten otherwise. How’s that for timing?