I'm No Hipster

or teeny bopper or anything of the sort, so you wouldn’t catch me wearing a fashiony, MTV-toting, gay-hating brand.

Oh yeah, I’m going there. Of course I’m going there. I see gay hate as the same as people who hated black people in the last century (and probably up to this day).

They’re different. Good for them. And that’s why you don’t like them. They are capable of thinking outside of your box.

I celebrate anyone who is capable of independent thought, and detest automaton non-thinkers. Ej is the first, DG is the latter. First is cool, latter is teh suck. Especially in fashion.

So f*** that automaton MTV brand of s*** mass fashion, I implore you all to never wear a s***y branded shirt again. In fact, burn those clothes publicly and safely, and post video on the tube.