Homegrown Radicals are more dangerous than Jihadists.”

See what they did there? All they have to do is call you a radical, then you’re considered more dangerous than a Taliban or AQ and will likely die from lead poisoning. So If you’re branded a radical, be prepared to die – just like those jihadists.

Terrorists: Kill ’em all! Doesn’t matter who is branded a terrorist, just kill them.

–My $0.02–


And no, it’s the NYT, I did not read the full article.

If You're Thinking

About a stick-up for quick money, you’re doing it wrong.

Politics is where it’s at. You don’t have to launder the money. You don’t have to do anything. It’ll just come to you. And if you get caught, you don’t go to prison for nearly as long. It’s all dirty.

A Community Devistated

Quite literally, All to protect some police officer.

It would have gone much better had you served his head on a plate to the people of Ferguson, MO. What is the value of a single cop’s life compared to the well being of an entire community?