Suck It

You racist bastards.

Flying the flag of a losing team kind of predicts your future performance.

In the immortal words of Ace Ventura, “La-hew… Za-her.”

AKA: The North won and preserved the Union. So I reiterate, suck it!


Here is a picture from Shelby’s phone. Just check the date and you should laugh.

HA Ha Dumb Apple

Another Case Of

He who lasts last. I flipping hated those bastards, even though I used them around ’94 (when I could not legally enter into a contract) and filled my portion of the contract without issue. I felt like a good time when I was doing it, but was unhappy with their music selection for the prices after I had the eight I wanted (duh, how did I think they paid for those 8 free albums – ah youth). Knowing that I didn’t want any trouble, I knew I had to purchase additional CDs. Which I did. They were shitty. I also had a bad taste in my mouth, so thanks for making me realize what a douchebag businesses can be. They filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today. And it is I who am laughing last.


I thought I’d look up a classical piece of music to listen, then I found this

I’m still laughing.

Interwebz For The Win

Random reddit coomment:

ctnjason 37 minutes ago
It's not delivery....It's a porno

Oh how that made me laugh.