If All You Think About Is Yourself

F*** YOU! You are a part of the problem society here in these United States of America. Think about your fellow man (or woman, or child) and pay it forward for once in your freaking life. Don’t be so flipping selfish.

Here is just one tiny example:

Don’t go for that spot that you can get if you use the merge lane (that is not for what it is).

I’ve been told that is a ticket-able offense in other states. Here in Illinois, people apparently view it as the, “I’m going to jump five cars ahead in this line using what merge lane is left, f*** the rest of you. You’ll all be damned for not waiting for me in line. F*** you for following these rules of the road to which we’ve all agreed when we got our license.”

I loathe those people, and considering that this is just one small example, you’ll probably see why I hate this ME FIRST society so much.

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The More

I think about this, the funnier it is



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From Crystal Method's Song Cake Hole

“Every facet, every department of your mind is to be programmed by you, and unless you assume your rightful responsibility and begin to program your own mind the world will program it for you.”

Love the track, off Community Service 1 I believe, and the saying in itself is crazy awesome!

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