It's Bad

You know It’s bad when people are having their opinions formed by news pundits.

UGH, Thinking for myself is sooo very hard! I shouldn’t have to think to form my opinoins.

A bunch of lazy idiots inhabit this country.

Hey Baby

I want to shake your jiggly bits on national tv and in front of a huge crowd.

Oh you want me to pay you? I can’t even do minimum wage…sorry…I’m too busy raking in billions but think of all that exposure you’ll get…to creeps..people even might put a poster of the cheerleaders in their garage. National Football League shouldn’t even have cheerleaders. They should have defenses. But they’re hell bent on destroying that sport anyways. Too much money is involved…especially for a non-profit?!?!?!

"But I Can't Hear the TV"

Oh, I’m sorry. I should let you destroy my daughters hearing so you can hear the TV.

Nevermind the fact that I grew up with a deaf brother and sister. No, don’t worry, this isn’t a sensitive subject for me. I’m not concerned with the long-term hearing damange, all because you couldn’t adhear to proper hearing protection throught your life. Go ahead, destroy my daughters hearing all so you can enjoy hearing the TV. Thats right, sound quality doesn’t matter, only a loud volume. Everyone should adjust to your hearing needs – right now! Hearing damage should be a problem passed down from generation to generation, no? Lets definitely not break that cycle. The grossly overpriced hearing aid business needs the money, I hope they’re sending you thank you cards.

Nevermind the fact that you risked subjecting her to asbestos, again all for your convience. This I will never forget or forgive. Big deal for you? No. Big deal for the little girl that has a whole life ahead of her? You F***ING BET YOUR A**!

Oh, and there has been something since ~1980s to help people with hearing problems deal with understanding the TV. It’s called CAPTIONING. If you elect not to use captioning because it’s distracting (read, you’re too lazy to adjust), my child(ren) should not suffer long term damage for your lazy choices.

Think outside of yourself for once! And this doesn’t apply just to the people in this house. This is a nationwide epidemic. Think of the greater good, people.

Also, while I”m at it: We do not need every light in the house on all the time.

Oh Pinterest

Even though you have tons of awesome recipes, you are beyond moronic for requiring a Bookface or Twit account. Since I’ve canceled my accounts with Bookface and Twit, I suppose by extension…I have canceled you!

Congrats, you’ve got another category crated after you!