Is most certainly a FTW type day.

I Want To Cry

This BS rasomware has come to you by none other than the American Taxpayers via the National Sucks (Your Freedom) Agency. Unofficially at this point, but I doubt they’d own up to it anyway.

Nice guys, stay classy.


BTW, this was written on a computer using Linux.


Homeland security is a farce. Yeah, I said it. I don’t feel safer. I actually feel less safe, like it’s the police against the common person. Of course, I blame the police for assuming the role they were given, however it all comes down to one thing.

One thing that we, as a country, swore we would never forget.

However, our typical lazy ‘Murican selves have forgotten, per usual, and allowed this Orwellian dystopia to propagate.*

Oh, and the thing we have collectively forgotten about? The 9/11 attacks. It seems that all of your security theater has allowed Bin Laden to get his dying wish: Changing America – for the worse if you ask me. And probably any non-indoctrinated American out there. Before 9/11 we were a free and happy place, at least in-part. Now we accept this security theater that invades our privacy on a massive scale as commonplace. I’m sick as hell, and I was never going to take it. Why do you think I personally have not flown on a commercial airliner since the new security theater was put in place? I am not going to put up with security theater – period. I don’t play games, yo. Especially when it comes to my freedom.

*The insult shouldn’t be you have the attention span of a first grader, it should be you have the attention of an ‘Murican.

And yes, to which we appeal is the lowest common denominator.

Think for yourselves people! It’s all you have!

In General

People make decisions to reaffirm their choices.