Trump is a self-centered, self-aggrandizing, lying, unilateral-acting fascist.
How much more of my time (and about 66% of the country) will be wasted by these base-appealing acts?
commander-in-chief should be changed to liar-in-cheif
You’ve been played, middle-class (and poor) Americans that voted for Trump. You’ve been fooled by the liar-in-chief! How’s it feel?
Do us all a favor and go back to reality TV ASAP.

Local Politics

It’s not only me who feels that their representative in IL-06, Peter Roskam, does not represent them.

Credit to OFA for the image

Label Gets Too Big

For the Trumpian president we have now.
His official title at this point: A draft-dodging, deal-breaking, flip-flopping, back-stabbing, misguided, megalomaniac, trapped-by-the-right, comb-over-having, idiotic, delusional president Trump.
Quite a list. So it all gets folded into “Trumpian”.
Its a bad word.

Didn't He Campaign On

Getting Mexico to pay for the wall?
And acting like a baby when you don’t get your way isn’t helping.
A liar and a thief is what is Donald.

Senator McCain

You’re the #^%@ing man!
but you know a lot of your colleagues think that this is a game that they’re now losing, so you know they’ll be back.