Where Blame Lies

I dont fault Dump for being bald.



I blame him for trying to cover it up.


Trump is a self-centered, self-aggrandizing, lying, unilateral-acting fascist.

How much more of my time (and about 66% of the country) will be wasted by these base-appealing acts?

commander-in-chief should be changed to liar-in-cheif

You’ve been played, middle-class (and poor) Americans that voted for Trump. You’ve been fooled by the liar-in-chief! How’s it feel?

Do us all a favor and go back to reality TV ASAP.

Local Politics

It’s not only me who feels that their representative in IL-06, Peter Roskam, does not represent them.

Credit to OFA for the image

Label Gets Too Big

For the Trumpian president we have now.

His official title at this point: A draft-dodging, deal-breaking, flip-flopping, back-stabbing, misguided, megalomaniac, trapped-by-the-right, comb-over-having, idiotic, delusional president Trump.

Quite a list. So it all gets folded into “Trumpian”.

Its a bad word.

Didn't He Campaign On

Getting Mexico to pay for the wall?

And acting like a baby when you don’t get your way isn’t helping.

A liar and a thief is what is Donald.

Senator McCain

You’re the #^%@ing man!

but you know a lot of your colleagues think that this is a game that they’re now losing, so you know they’ll be back.

President Dump

You’re a self-aggrandizing lying fascist. We all live in the world. Pollution Affects us all.

What good are jobs or money if no one is healthy enough (or alive) to enjoy them? You’re a moron. You do not represent me. Self-serving right-wing puppet.