AMPlified problems

Wow, so yeah, the AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) broke my site. The input boxes on the Add New Post field were gone. A bit perplexing, so I tried the disabling the plugins and reactivating one-by-one until the problem is found. In doing that I found that activating the AMP plugin on both of my wordpress sites makes the Add New Post text field to disappear…on both of my wordpress sites.

New Bit Generator

I am up and running on my new server. Most things seem pretty well, but ill be squishing bugs for the next few <strike>days</strike> weeks…hopefully not months.


I’ve installed a different local caching system for my WP blogs. Let me know if you see any speed increase/decrease.

Uh Oh

I got the server to accommodate two WP sites. Except for the SSL portion. After getting everything setup I worked on the SSL certs…without backing up the site first.
WRONG! I messed up the config of the SSL, broke MjNet, and didn’t backup first. GDI I am a moron sometimes! At least I had a backup of this site, so I’ve just lost about a week worth of work. What makes it worse is that I’m trying to get TK off it’s hosted site before the billing date. No pressure!
And I’ll have a bit more downtime while I backup this server : \

More Fitting

I’ve changed the color scheme from #B2DF82 to #A9A9A9.
It fits me better, I’d say.
The only problem is the sidebar drop downs didn’t change. I’ll have to figure that out later.

Welcome Beacon

Today the new site went live. I hope it works out. The server is the same but running on 16.04. I didn’t use the package version of wordpress, as it really complicated things for me. vixion went down as soon as beacon was ready. It will be there JIC this site gets pwn3d. Now to get mediawiki installed.

Updates Coming Slow

So my server (OS) is getting stale. I need to upgrade it, but it isn’t as simple as just pressing a button. I need to build a new server and then get my site info imported. The theme may be lost, as it is not even available anymore. Lots of work to do to get this site upgraded. I won’t be posting a lot until it’s done. Please hold.

Sunday Morning

And I’ve fixed the editing boxes on my wiki. I think they’ve been like that since we went to college. Private wiki, it wasn’t that important.
And I’ve managed to accomplish something so my youngest has awoken and is FSU.