I’ve installed a different local caching system for my WP blogs. Let me know if you see any speed increase/decrease.

Uh Oh


I got the server to accommodate two WP sites. Except for the SSL portion. After getting everything setup I worked on the SSL certs…without backing up the site first.

WRONG! I messed up the config of the SSL, broke MjNet, and didn’t backup first. GDI I am a moron sometimes! At least I had a backup of this site, so I’ve just lost about a week worth of work. What makes it worse is that I’m trying to get TK off it’s hosted site before the billing date. No pressure!


And I’ll have a bit more downtime while I backup this server : \

A Brief

bit of time while I reconcile on which server I am working.



More Fitting

I’ve changed the color scheme from #B2DF82 to #A9A9A9.

It fits me better, I’d say.

The only problem is the sidebar drop downs didn’t change. I’ll have to figure that out later.

Welcome Beacon

Today the new site went live. I hope it works out. The server is the same but running on 16.04. I didn’t use the package version of wordpress, as it really complicated things for me. vixion went down as soon as beacon was ready. It will be there JIC this site gets pwn3d. Now to get mediawiki installed.

Updates Coming Slow

So my server (OS) is getting stale. I need to upgrade it, but it isn’t as simple as just pressing a button. I need to build a new server and then get my site info imported. The theme may be lost, as it is not even available anymore. Lots of work to do to get this site upgraded. I won’t be posting a lot until it’s done. Please hold.

Sunday Morning

And I’ve fixed the editing boxes on my wiki. I think they’ve been like that since we went to college. Private wiki, it wasn’t that important.

And I’ve managed to accomplish something so my youngest has awoken and is FSU.


The newly updated taintedkernel.com is coming along nicely. I’ve noticed that the posts come more easily than the posts on MjNet. Probably because there is a purpose behind them, the text just manages to flow from my fingers. Before I know it I’ve got nearly a half-page worth of content ready for my blog. Whereas MjNet it would just be a paragraph at a time. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep those posts up, as years down the road I could certainly see them becoming more concise. But that’s the future which I can not worry about right now.

Unfortunately, Google Adwords rejected my newly redesigned site for lack of content, so I’ll have to keep filling it up before I reapply. That means I’ll have to self-sustain the site for a bit longer than I had expected. You see, I host MjNet out of my house, and it’s non-commercial, so there isn’t a whole lot of cost involved. But since the Tk site is meant to be more than just a personal blog, I decided to host it externally. Which I feel is a good decision, however, there is a cost involved in doing that. Which is why I’m going to put Ads on the site. To hopefully self-sustain – and perhaps bring in a little income on the side. However, profitability is less of a concern as getting Tk self-sustaining. We don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around waiting to be used up, you know? Ultimately, I’ll need to being in $12/mo for the shared hosting with an additional $12/year to pay for the domain itself. We’ll see what happens, but I’d like it to pay for itself within a financial quarter.

As for the hosting, I’ve gone with hostgator, which is a cheaper and seemingly better hyped service than what’s out there. I’m pretty happy with it, but it is a shared host, so I can notice speed issues on occasion. For now, though, it will hopefully work in the growing of TK.com, but if this is a success, I’ll have to up my hosting plan too. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

UPDATE: 11 January 2018 – TK was accepted into the adsense program.

Mobile Mike +3

After a very long and happy time with my Samsung S4 active (which I got for $0.01 btw) it crapped out on me. The last two days have shown me how dependent on my phone am I. But I am back with a three model newer version of my old phone. Digging it so far…