Stuck At Win 8.1

I’ve probably posted about this before, but I’m not a huge fan of windows 8. The desktop is fine, but having another windows be the start menu sucks.

My wife and I also have Win7 machines. I’ve decided my windows 7 computers can stay that way. Wife decided to get Win10. Her upgrade has already happened, while I have to sit here in Win8.1. Guh. I wasn’t having that so I found the Win10 iso from Micro$oft’s site and started the upgrade.

Well, it turns out that there is likely a reason Win10 has not yet been released to the Win8.1 computers. It didn’t work so well, so I had to roll back to Win8.1. Guh. At least I got the roll back. I could’ve probably done a full install W/O any problems, but I don’t want to hit the reset button. I ain’t got time for dat anymore! So I’ll be sitting here on Win8.1 until the update comes from Windows Update. I’m just happy that I was able to revert without losing anything other than time.

Server Troubles

Working on getting everything backed up before real disaster strikes.

Fry Squint

Back To…

The Flare.

What with Google depreciating (turning off) pagespeed on 3 August, I had no choice but to go back to cloudflare. I liked cloudflare, but pagespeed really sped up this slow home connection. Unfortunely, the non-Verizon branded pagespeed like service is over $200/mo. Not feasible for my home based site. Of course, if it was anything less than me being a total geek, it probably wouldn’t be hosted locally.

Ultimately, it SHOULD mean that there won’t be any downtime. I hope, although I probably wouldn’t know about it as my server is on my local network.

Root Vs. User

Have you have ever make/make install/make install clean?

If not, you are not a guru.

Have you ever been tempted to run ‘rm -rf /’ just to see what happens? (You’ll only need to do it once, on a freshly installed system probably, which you’ll have to reinstall)

If not, you are not a guru.

Have you ever had to install a messed-up bootloader and have your machine come back up after the fix?

If not, you are not a guru.

In the same way that someone who puts gas in their car and air in their tires is not a mechanic. You are a user.

root is a synonym for god on a computer system.

And that there is the beauty of the computer.

I'm Upgrading

My windows 8.1 machine to windows 10. I was never a huge fan of windows 8/8.1, so when Microsoft said they would upgrade windows 7/8.1 machines to windows 10 without cost, I decided to jump on it. Even though I wasn’t getting the upgrade to windows 10 icon in the taskbar. Here’s how I fixed it:

-Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Schedule Tasks
-Task Scheduler library > Microsoft > Windows > Setup >
-GWXTriggers , select ‘refreshgwxconfig-B’ and run it.

Found this useful information in this article.

And my windows 7 desktops are staying there. I would say that seven was the pinnacle of the windows desktop.

New Gentoo System Up

It’s been a while, but I’ve forgotten how fun gentoo is. Fun and frustrating at times. I’ve got it running AMP, which I’ll work on getting my sites moved over as a backup for now. It’s also running cgminer (using scrypt) to generate a very small amount of litecoins. Woot!

small gentoo

I Am Old School

When it comes to a desktop environment, I still vastly prefer gnome classic over unity. Unity is a useless POS that is a waste of an interface. Gnome classic gives me what I want, when I want. More importantly, I’ve been using Gnome since the last millenia, so I ain’t switchin’.

Unity sucks balls and should be eradicated from the universe.

OMG The Stress

Nothing, well – excepting a few obvious things, drives me crazier than when my server doesn’t work.

And I made the mistake of blindly on-the-fly upgrading my server to ubuntu 14.04. If you’ve noticed the few days of downtime, that is why. It stresses me so when this happens. I have been sweating it this whole time. Then after two days of hard work, I was able to luckily bring it back up. How I’m not sure anymore. I was clicking keys at a rapid race…ya know, doing all the things you shouldn’t do on a ‘production’ server. I’ve had this lesson before, be it over four years. And obviously, I didn’t learn from history so I was doomed to repeat it.

Short end of the stick was upgrading the virtualhosts to include .conf on the end of the VH filename, reenabling using a2ensite and then perhaps the mystery of some other changes. Too much stuff happned in too little time to fully recall.

My biggest problem was saying Y to all when I ran the upgrade. That horked my apache24 config, along with some other changes I needed to make to apache after the upgrade. From here-on-forward, I am hopefully going to fully research what needs to happen before I upgrade. I sure as shyte don’t want to go through that again. But MjNet keeps rolling and now I need some food. And study up on Apache24. How I miss the simplicity of the 1.3 line!

Update: Ah yes, you should always backup your files before working on them. At least I remembered that much, as I was messing around with files in my WP install, and it was when I replaced my files via my backup that I made that the site came back up. So it still stands true. Always backup your files…ALWAYS!


I found a root for my phone’s current version of android 4.4.2, so I’m probably going to wipe it this afternoon, update it and re-root it. Wish me luck! Update: fail! The upgrade isn’t working. I’ll look into a fix, but until then it’s rooted 4.2.2 for me!

As for the wiki, it’s been put on a back burner. I’ll wipe it when I have a chance.

Added bonus, i’m posting this update from the native hackintosh!