I propose we add a new word to the dictionary

Moscovellian: to act in a shrewd and callous manner while seizing your neighbor’s territory.

Vlad, you’re acting a lot like those fascists your grandfathers evicted from your territory nearly, what, 80 years ago?

Hey Vlad

Do you really expect us to believe that the leader of the revolt just happens to die in a plan crash today?


you dont think i notice all of the failed login attempts?

I think my server

Is in desperate need of an UPS. It was sitting here all afternoon powered off…which I didn’t notice as the monitor is off (unplugged). It was only that the keyboard wasn’t powered on that caused me to notice. Which had led me to the conclusion that I need a UPS. It’d help out my server anyway, right?


Hello hello hello hello hello.

Damn, it really is an echo chamber out here. Even at my corner of the internet.


Sewer system problems again. I’m going to try to route it myself, but as I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t hope for much.