Goodbye Net Neutrality

The long standing rule of the Interwebz, net neutrality, is gone today thanks to that orange turd sitting in the white house, Frump.
Yeah, it’s been working well for people, that’s why it had to go? Right you fascist motherf****r? Clearly fairness is not in your play book.That much is obvious.
So yeah, don’t change your Internet plan until net neutrality is restored.
See how that works dumb-ass Frump. Once you’re going to be leaving the white house, you can have someone harp over you and your fascist actions – and it will be most enjoyable – you can know what a thoughtless f***t**d you really are, and how your convoluted, self-aggrandizing, bubble-living orange a** you really are. GFY you Internet-destroying orange fascist.

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