Stop, just stop

Credit where it is due. Not everything is the result of the millenials. A lot of what they’re doing is taking place thanks to my generation. The generation that cusps X and millenials. I believe the last term I herd for it is Gen Y. Whatever, labels suck anyway.

But I do know this. I, along with many many of my friends waited to get married (or didn’t at all/yet) [NYT article]. I personally dated my now wife for eight years before I committed. I wanted to be sure we’d work before we tied the knot. And we did, and it’s working great (at least, I think).

So seriously, stop giving all the credit to the millenials. It is bullshit stealing of thunder, and I see it happening everyday. At least we, the forgotten generation, didn’t have to have a bunch of accolades attributed to us for no reason other than coincidence and convince. I guess that is the Murican style. Do nothing, take all the credit. (this has been occurring since before Frump)


¡De Nada!

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