Cars != Freedom

I know A LOT of you have a difficult time thinking in this country. I know it’s easier to just turn off your brain and just go about your business (not the path for me though). But think about it, the automobile. The car, the essence of freedom here in Murica! (Becase we sure din’t emphasize public transport).

My point? You’ve been taught that a car equals freedom, so you think your car brings you freedom. While it actually doesn’t. What, how could you say that you commie bastard? Well, first, I am not a communist. Not even a democratic communist (oxymoron?). So my point – the car you think brings you freedom actually piles on a whole heap of responsibility. You have the basics such as maintenance and fuel costs. Then you have the registration costs, the insurance costs. And forbid something going wrong. A speeding ticket in my state, last I heard, will cost you over $100 plus insurance increases. Major mechanical failure such as engine or transmission failure, likely due to not maintaining your car, could wipe people out. No car, can’t get to job, can’t make money, can’t fix car. You see how this can become a downward spiral. And I’m just talking about the ‘freedom’ your car brings you.


One more microcosmic way the bourgeoisie is pillaging the individual.

See what I did there?

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