About Mj

I am constantly serving my three children, bicycling when I have the opportunity to get outside, and computing when the other two aren’t occurring (which is very RARE!). This site is where I get to say whatever the f*** is on my mind, as I am not for profit (so much so that I didn’t even bother with 501 status). I thusly spew forth anything that is on my mind. I’ll make accusations as long as it is able to be sourced. I’ll post things that entertain me. Or things that piss me off. Whatever I feel like, as I am beholden to no one!


My privacy policy: Yeah, I don’t have one. You visit my site, you relinquish all right to privacy. Even though I don’t have trackers built in, I do make use of some of Google’s libraries, so you may want to look in to El Goog’s piracy policy. : P And of course, I see your IP when you visit. Dirty little visitors showing me your IP every time you visit my site. Along with the type of browser you are using and probably OS. You’re actually sending that to me in the USER AGENT string. So it’s your fault! I am so not in the EU.