If you’re familiar with my site

you probably realize the last 2+ years have been nothing but a convoluted living hell for me. In so many ways. Ever since the tysabri induced megaflair-up of…at least i think it was in march 2019. My brain is toast, shit-on-a-shingle. Its bad…terribly bad. Ive always thought i could live with disability from this disease, but disability from the medication i was taking – it was the furthest thought from my mind prior to the attack. Life was good. I was riding 2000+ miles a year. Now though i am utterly f*cked. I can barely ride my bike. let alone crush it like i used to do.

blindsided is how i would describe the great tysabri attack of 2019. Totally uncalled for, and i feel like my neuro didnt do a good job explaining how bad it would be. Absolutely devestating. Ill get more into all of that when i recuperate some energy. But for now, all you get is how much tysabri sucks and destroyed my life.