Thanks wife

for canceling the hosting plan i wasnt using but they still dinged us for ~107$ exorbetant hosting prices much? Thats why i host this site on a computer in my bedroom.

The goose is lose

yeah so i cheaped out and bought a mongoose 29er. Yeah, I know, for shame. But all i needed was the frame. The rest is just a bonus. I figure ill just replace parts as they break. Better than paying $1000+ for a ke.

The re-return of biking

should begin tomorrow when my new bike shows up. I’m not terribly proud of it, but its a 29er that works. Is should be building it tomorrow at least.


can flippong suck it. Every damned time we go through the drive through they mess something up. Its so often im doing myself the favor of reducing the stress and swearing off mcdonalds. Mcd’s can suck it. I’m done.


I really hope the shimano bb is a drop in replacement for the truvative bb. I can’t locate the original at a decent price so I’ll try the trusted shimano in the hopes that it’ll be a direct replacement. It’s supposed to be here on Thursday.

mtb woes

I’m down to my last bike. Well, I’ve also got the fat tire, but it is not snowing outside. See, I got pissed at my 29er, and tore the bottom bracket off. And as a bonus I’ll redo the chain ring (whilst keeping the new stomper peddles). The new parts wont start arriving until October 1st. : ( Until then I guess I’ll keep hitting steans with the single speed. the most dependable bike in my fleet is down for maintenance.

Good thing I checked. The spindle was too short. 110mm vs the 113 it requires. cancelled that order and ordered the right one. One the plus side, it should be here much quicker. by october 1st at the latest.

If you’re familiar with my site

you probably realize the last 2+ years have been nothing but a convoluted living hell for me. In so many ways. Ever since the tysabri induced megaflair-up of…at least i think it was in march 2019. My brain is toast, shit-on-a-shingle. Its bad…terribly bad. Ive always thought i could live with disability from this disease, but disability from the medication i was taking – it was the furthest thought from my mind prior to the attack. Life was good. I was riding 2000+ miles a year. Now though i am utterly f*cked. I can barely ride my bike. let alone crush it like i used to do.

blindsided is how i would describe the great tysabri attack of 2019. Totally uncalled for, and i feel like my neuro didnt do a good job explaining how bad it would be. Absolutely devestating. Ill get more into all of that when i recuperate some energy. But for now, all you get is how much tysabri sucks and destroyed my life.