I need to redo my OS on the server, so that’d mean reboot the OS and reset it all up. but the server is too slow to host the site the way i am. Plus, itd make this site much faster, plus id be able to finish setting up my other sites. First though I have to get on my roof and setup my at&t repeater.

pls hold

Ive got multisite working, now ive got to get certs for the domains.

Here I thought

setting up up multisite would be easy. if you hadnt noticed the time off, its not so simple. Then again, nothing is now.

From the I hate myself dept.

I’ve tried setting up multisite before, with no success. But as I am clearly a glutton for punishment, I’m going to try it again. Wish me luck, and allow me some possible downtime…again.


Im back online, that’ll have to do for now. Ive got to break the freewheel off my bike. I think it siezed up as I didnt put any grease on it last time i changed it: a misrake i will not make again. Anyway i think im going to have to do something simar to this: Wish me luck.