If You Noticed Downtime

That’s because I’m sweating my home air conditioner being broken. Like Kaput. Doesn’t cool.

It wasn’t working very well before, but at least it’d get rid of the humidity. Now it just kicks on and back off.

Someone likely overfilled it and blew something up (likely the coil or compressor), and we don’t have the money to get it fixed. So it’ll be extreme MS suffering this summer : (


So Yeah, I’ve been so busy trying to figure out a solution to this problem* that I haven’t even noticed that my server was down. This post most certainly earns a FML tag.

*the only solution is to call an HVAC tech, which I already explained we can not afford to do.

Cars != Freedom

I know A LOT of you have a difficult time thinking in this country. I know it’s easier to just turn off your brain and just go about your business (not the path for me though). But think about it, the automobile. The car, the essence of freedom here in Murica! (Becase we sure din’t emphasize public transport).

My point? You’ve been taught that a car equals freedom, so you think your car brings you freedom. While it actually doesn’t. What, how could you say that you commie bastard? Well, first, I am not a communist. Not even a democratic communist (oxymoron?). So my point – the car you think brings you freedom actually piles on a whole heap of responsibility. You have the basics such as maintenance and fuel costs. Then you have the registration costs, the insurance costs. And forbid something going wrong. A speeding ticket in my state, last I heard, will cost you over $100 plus insurance increases. Major mechanical failure such as engine or transmission failure, likely due to not maintaining your car, could wipe people out. No car, can’t get to job, can’t make money, can’t fix car. You see how this can become a downward spiral. And I’m just talking about the ‘freedom’ your car brings you.


One more microcosmic way the bourgeoisie is pillaging the individual.

See what I did there?

Stop, just stop

Credit where it is due. Not everything is the result of the millenials. A lot of what they’re doing is taking place thanks to my generation. The generation that cusps X and millenials. I believe the last term I herd for it is Gen Y. Whatever, labels suck anyway.

But I do know this. I, along with many many of my friends waited to get married (or didn’t at all/yet) [NYT article]. I personally dated my now wife for eight years before I committed. I wanted to be sure we’d work before we tied the knot. And we did, and it’s working great (at least, I think).

So seriously, stop giving all the credit to the millenials. It is bullshit stealing of thunder, and I see it happening everyday. At least we, the forgotten generation, didn’t have to have a bunch of accolades attributed to us for no reason other than coincidence and convince. I guess that is the Murican style. Do nothing, take all the credit. (this has been occurring since before Frump)


¬°De Nada!

Oh Man

Now that’s a thought…


I was listening to an interview with Robin Williams, and they mentioned how his suicide was caused by ‘diffuse Lewy body dementia’. I’ll leave it to you look that up.


However, I do have a question for the religious types that read my blog – if any.


If God casts cases of suicide to Hell, then wouldn’t causing someone to have a disease that will ultimately result in suicide be committing that person to Hell before they were even born? I mean, if God is so omnipotent, why would he allow this to happen? That’d be some really messed up stuff.


That’s why I just don’t get organized religion…I think. I’m not against it…totally, whatever floats your boat. But I’ve just found too many inconsistencies and hypocrisy with the rules laid out by organized religion.

AMPlified problems

Wow, so yeah, the AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) broke my site. The input boxes on the Add New Post field were gone. A bit perplexing, so I tried the disabling the plugins and reactivating one-by-one until the problem is found. In doing that I found that activating the AMP plugin on both of my wordpress sites makes the Add New Post text field to disappear…on both of my wordpress sites.

New Bit Generator

I am up and running on my new server. Most things seem pretty well, but ill be squishing bugs for the next few <strike>days</strike> weeks…hopefully not months.

Goodbye Net Neutrality

The long standing rule of the Interwebz, net neutrality, is gone today thanks to that orange turd sitting in the white house, Frump.
Yeah, it’s been working well for people, that’s why it had to go? Right you fascist motherf****r? Clearly fairness is not in your play book.That much is obvious.
So yeah, don’t change your Internet plan until net neutrality is restored.
See how that works dumb-ass Frump. Once you’re going to be leaving the white house, you can have someone harp over you and your fascist actions – and it will be most enjoyable – you can know what a thoughtless f***t**d you really are, and how your convoluted, self-aggrandizing, bubble-living orange a** you really are. GFY you Internet-destroying orange fascist.