Dear Youtube

I am so not a conservative, so you constantly showing me adds about conservative pitchman saying ‘conservative’ in the first few seconds of their commercials, it just militarizes me in my politics.

Thanks alphabet. Anything as long as it pads your bottom dollars.

Thank goodness

the trend of driving while you do a YouTube video is over. it seems. Now to get the reaction videos to stop. I don’t care what peoples reactions are to your video may be, please don’t include that second purely unnecessary person in your video. Besides, it’s clickbait.

You know J

If your employee wasn’t such a stickler or the rules, you’d still have me as a customer

Clipsed out

until 2045. I’ll have to hone my astrophotography skills before then. Plenty of time to practice.

It was f***ing awesome

Mind blowing as usual. not as much as the solar minimum eclipse of 2017. Nothing will ever top your first total eclipse. This one was neat AF too. We saw a solar eruption of sorts. I saw a red dot on the eclipse. Unfortunately the photos don’t show it, but I assure you, I witnessed it with my own eyes.

And now, what all that insufferable traffic was all about. The main show: the eclipsed sun as captured by my D3100 and my biggest lens, a 300MM telephoto.

Copyright Michael E Johnston

Even though it wasn’t our first totality (we were in Carbondale for the 2017 one), it was mindbogglingly neat and I hope all of my children carry it through their lifetimes. My wife and I remember a partial eclipse from our early school days, but those were early memories.

D’OH, the proof has gone missing : ( Seriously though, I saw it! No. Here is some additional info.