I am quickly leaning

that I do not like the eye doctor’s. Holy high pressure sales. Today was the last time I’ll go to an eye doctors.

Our Old House

We’ve been in it for 7 years today. Man, I member when we moved in and I was all non-MSey. Good times. So I suppose it is becoming OUR old house.

Sorry Nature’s Care

But I tried rise today. It was easy, close and cheap, like community college, but certainly not tax free. : (

I still prefer natures. Unfortunately, RISE is much closer.

Thanks wife

for canceling the hosting plan i wasnt using but they still dinged us for ~107$ exorbetant hosting prices much? Thats why i host this site on a computer in my bedroom.

The goose is lose

yeah so i cheaped out and bought a mongoose 29er. Yeah, I know, for shame. But all i needed was the frame. The rest is just a bonus. I figure ill just replace parts as they break. Better than paying $1000+ for a ke.


can flippong suck it. Every damned time we go through the drive through they mess something up. Its so often im doing myself the favor of reducing the stress and swearing off mcdonalds. Mcd’s can suck it. I’m done.