so full of sorrow

sorry that i let friend use my wifi while…they…stayed over. Hoping that doesnt cost me! Im also sorry to natures care. I went to rise again. Its so much closer to me* than your store although i found out they carry airopro cartridges so there is that option now! But you are still my no1 when it comes to dispensaries!

*makes a difference when you’re serverly hobbled by MS (aka the great attack of 2019) (or was it 2018? So hard to remember that time!)

yeah my sites seem to be good

ill leave the sever be for a bit. Don’t want downtime. Its no fun. Backup by any means neccessary is what i always say..

and i got cought not following my own advice. Luckily it was just a hiccup and resolved itself. Which leads me to the next rule. Don’t do anything hastily!

Guh – my sites are kind of back

at least in the android browser. Hopefully i can figure out wtf went on.

Damn hat was scary. I stupidly didn’t even back up my sites before proceeding. Lesson certainly relearned. ALWAY CREARTE A BACKUP BEFORE UPGRADING. Like the installer said – Dumb ass me! next step – create a bacup and switch to server. Its ALOT better experience for everybody.

Wish me luck

I’m trying to upgrade my server. If this sites around tomorrow, consider it a success.

21.04 done. now trying 22.04

The instigator in chief

will be striking a blow at the established law of land.

One thing that I can tell you, your instigation will be overruled. Of This much I can be certain, Trump’s skid mark on America’s underwear will eventually be washed away, Oh and trump is the dumbest idiot on the face of the earth. Republofascist! Panderer!

Alito is a terrible judge and should be excommunicated from the court. Burn in hell you disgusting excuse of a <strike>Judge</strike> human pile of trash. I curse you and your kin for the next 1,000 millennia. Too bad they weren’t aborted.

Ah to be in the land of the free where I can say such things..for now.

dammit samsung

you’re Korean not Chinese, why do you constantly push the chinese bases tiktok app on me? If you knew me like you’re supposed to know me, you would know that i have disavowed anything and everything china.

And now

I present to you uncensored version of will smith commiting career suicide live on TV:

I bet when Chris Rock took this job, he did not expect this outcome. i get it, ya gotta protect your woman’s honor. A hard thing to do when GI Jane exists.

Was it worth your carreer? Id think it wasn’t…but that’s just an armchair observer’s view.

And way to handle a hit Chris!