my empire is crumbling…all while i go mad trying fruitlessly to resolve the issue.

The little leasons

i have long forgotten are coming round to bite me bad. I never bothered coming up with a backup solution for my server. I’ll be kicking myself for a long time moving forward. I have the tk backup from when it was up…which it no longer is…more troubleshooting while i kick myself.


I broke my WP sites. My main domain, MJnet is up and fine, but my secondary domain is NOT. I fear a reinstall is necessary: (

The usual suspension

of dragging my feet in anticipation of putting redis on my system was largely overblown. It is done and response times are dropping. I am happy!

Nope. Now my talnted domain is pointing at the MJ site. 🙁 probably a vhosts issue. I’ll be looking into it digging through logs and what not.

Almost w00t!

I’ve got redis ready to install…well, hopefully. Per usual I’m a bit hesitant to make changes to my live server. Although it went beautifully on my test box. So all that’s left is to pull the trigger. I just need to get past the daemons!

It’s about time

to try my green thumb. Got three face-off og seeds for ~52$ What a world we’re living in. To think i used to just throw them away! Except for the two that were growing next to my MOILs garage. Best grow i ever did…accidentally. But she cut those beautiful weeds down. Careful where you toss your seeds. If your lucky enough to find seeds. That was a good indicator if you got a good bag!