just when you thought

it could not get any worse some asshole driver just cuts though the crosswalk when I was walking in it. The people of Florida just keep one-upping themselves. No surprise there!

Oh balls

I never built a site map for MjNet. Time to do some googling.

oh boy

literraly the worst thxgiving sever is over with. TFG! Never before had i made the mistake of not going to my parents house. And i feel f***ing terrible about it.

gdi natures

closing your door when your website lists your as open is in extremely bad fashion. My opinion of you is changing,

especially when carts are listed as BOGO and you don’t give me my extra cart.


I am so beyond angry. I know what did it but i cant say anything.


I’m trying to post with my screaming 7-year old in my ear.