yeah my sites seem to be good

ill leave the sever be for a bit. Don’t want downtime. Its no fun. Backup by any means neccessary is what i always say..

and i got cought not following my own advice. Luckily it was just a hiccup and resolved itself. Which leads me to the next rule. Don’t do anything hastily!

Wish me luck

I’m trying to upgrade my server. If this sites around tomorrow, consider it a success.

21.04 done. now trying 22.04


Help, I am in email hell. On this site (MJnet) and tk. I am not getting any email sent. I’ll be working on that all day, if not longer.


I knew the password for my secondary account was too weak. I see spam being sent from the account. Changing password.

Sooo very close

to accomplishing what i set out to do…but…and there’s always a but when it comes to me teching…ive got tainted kernel up (without ssl). As soon as it gets finished. I can list the server as complete…hopefully it wont get hacked, as I’ve mostly finished it.


Does SSL stand for shitty setup loser or something? Its driving me nucking futz. As soon as I get the subdomain setup I point it at my server, s it doesn’t have an existing SSL cert. but since EVERYTHING requires SSL now, I can’t get it setup. Can you see the catch22 here?

It is no wonder why people contract this stuff out. But me? Never. I hate paying for something that could be free. I’ll occupy myself with an endless loop of frustration instead. YEAH SO FUN!


I’m working on bringing my old laptop up. the one before before this one. The one I did, and should’ve left dead and parted it out, but as always, I can’t leave well enough alone. Especially since I can’t find the wireless mouse for it. and I always need more older tech. Maybe some day I’ll learn that.