Too bad walgreens

That you couldn’t tell staff your pharmacy to, I don’t know, to actually serve their customers. They ‘had’ to close for lunch. If only those pharmacy tools could’ve serviced me before that, your lifelong walgreens supported wouldn’t be planning on going to CVS for my sudafed. Bad move walgreens. You’d think that because if how poorly your doing in the retail space you would’ve instructed your people to actually serve the customers, but it is your business to destroy, and I will enjoy your demise from now on.


And i mean it! Ive got a toothache. On friday evening FFS. Geeze id ask how bad can things get, but i dont want to invite that juju into my life. But at this point i can’t think 🙁

Lolz elon

your 20 billion dollar investment is tanking…so you change twitter to X? That is why I don’t have billions of dollars. I was too high my whole adult life. At least I won’t be making a fool out of myself by rebranding my dumpster fire of a website to…wait for it..X. Oh, smooth move my man, I’m exited to see the outcome.