If it was facebook that allowed Russian disinformation to spread and therefore elect Frump president, shouldnt it (and ceo zuck) be charged with treason?

This Shouldn't Bring Happiness

As terrible as it is to celebrate a death (aside from persons like OBL)…

But it does.

The f***er did start the the beginnings of an uprising against our nation to further his corporate masters’ agenda.

Good riddance, sexual harasser.

Изучите Трамп

С участием специального прокурора и связей Трампа с Россией

/. User RabidReindeer

Wins the internet for today with this comment

“IBM can start by firing the SCO people and handing them lead parachutes instead of the usual golden ones.”

lead parachutes

My Literal Parents

My parents got us a housewarming gift. Literally AND figuratively housewarming. It is so, so very nice.

New Fireplace

I use the BURN tag tounge-in-cheek here.

EDIT: Damn it, I used a preceding so. I suck, I know. Removed and self-scorned.

Your Call/My Call

Yours: “total crap

Mine: “sucking of the teet of ‘Murica without reciprocation” It’s tax dodging. Clear and simple. I say we throw your corporate person in jail!

That's What You Get

For being a ‘Murican self-involved a$$hat!

I hope you fry. Although I doubt death penalty is applicable in 2nd degree homicide. However I am a staunch opponent of the Death Penalty, I do feel it fitting for the people whom are so clearly concerned with only themselves that they go out and mow people down while driving drunk.