A Decision I Make Public Today

New Dj Shadow has absolutely nothing on old Dj Shadow.
I understand that he probably wants to be avant guard, however, his beats simply do not move me like they moved me in the late 90s.
His beats are still cool, just not groundbreaking like they were.
Entrouducing (which I believe just turned 20, F*** I’m old) takes the cake as best DjS album…ever. Even the songs that are not as good as the rest are awesome. I’d like to point out a few of my favorites from that album though:
MIDNIGHT IN A PERFECT WORLD – This song changed my life
All of them are good, but these two songs really adjusted my audio enjoyment in life.
A special nod goes to UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction album for DjS’s work on it.
Now we compare that work to his current work The Mountain Will Fall (aptly titled, btw) and there is none of that amazing work. Its still cool to listen, but it just doesn’t have that…difference…it used to that set it apart for me.
And yes, just me and my personal opinions I’ve decided to share with you. This is a critique between works, and nothing more. I still enjoy Dj Shadow, especially his older stuff. Damn, I’m old.