A Majority

Of people trying to gain access to my site are just trying to guess my admin password.


It Bears Repeating

I try to be nice in this life, but my fellow ‘Muricans just wont allow it.

Pardon Me, History

But I believe this is applicable now:

At first they came for muslims, and I did nothing as I am not a muslim
Second they came for the latinos, and I did nothing as I am not a latino
Third they came for the gays, and I did nothing as I am not a gay
Fourth they’ll be coming for the marijuana users.

Seriously, is anyone listening to me?
This is essentially what they said about the other ‘alt-right’ movements in the 1940’s. Although it used to be called the ultra-right, I still know it be the more proper names: Fascism and Nazism

Avoid Them

Avoid the cops at all cost, especially if you’re bl…errr…a person of color. Even if you’re clearly surrendering, they’ll shoot you! There is no way to win. Avoid them by any means possible.

The cops are out of control and just shooting people for no reason. Literally, just watch the video in the linked article. “I don’t know” is what the officer says when the ‘suspect’ asks, “Why did you shoot me?”

Out of control. And while I do think that most cops are well meant, if they kill you, it doesn’t matter what are their intention. As long as there is the possiblity of a bad cop, or even a mistaken cop, I’ll leave the current status where it’s at:


Awwwwww That's Terrible

Your group doesn’t feel it should be singled out to root out the extremists within.

Uh, history.

That’s all I’ll say. Now sit back and wait for your head to explode. As that has so very many levels. So deep. Is it since I pointed it out? This reminds me of a commercial.

Moving Hell

I am in moving hell. This current house in which we live is so non-conducive to preparing to move. All while I’ve got two kids barking at me for whatever they need: food, drink, channel changes, etc., a pregnant wife and I am utterly boned. No time to pack, unable to move sh*t when it comes time, I have no idea how this will happen.

I am boned and completely freaking out!!1!