Cops Want Low-Hanging Fruit

And now, the top five lobbying organizations that are trying to keep marijuana illegal (<-Source in link): 1.) Police Unions 2.) Private Prisons Corporations 3.) Alcohol and Beer Companies 4.) Pharmaceutical Corporations 5.) Prison Guard Unions It all comes down to lobbyists and corporations violating what should be my rights? F you to the five listed above and their legal corruption. And F regan's war on drugs.


You know who’s name is not going to be in the panama papers? Mine. As I am not a billioniare blowhard. Like most of the rest of you reading this, I assume. Any billionaires out there are probably too busy hiding their money from the tax man!

Wow, there is an opportunity to post two videos on this post.

Once You Pop

You Can’t Stop!

Hey wait, that’s somebody else’s slogan encroaching on my already double enten…meaning post. D’oh!

Bad on SodaCo for engineering unhealthiness to pad their bottom line.

I've Been Trying

To tell everyone that the cops are NOT your friends.

What happened in SC was truly disgusting and a great example of how an everyday cop will view you.

DO NOT OPPOSE THEM WITH ANYTHING BUT YOUR MIND, and within reason! Violence begets violence, and the overwhelming response you will receive won’t be anything for which I’d wish. Don’t be ignorant!

And for the cops who happen upon this site, you are always being watched, even when you least expect it!

UPDATE 2015.10.28: The S.C. sick-with-power deputy has been fired!


From the great race.

And the Democratic primary has one less. Congratulations Lincoln on realizing you shouldn’t sell your soul to attain the greatest position in corruption.

(SME sucks…you’ve got to watch it directly on youtube. Fascists!)

Damn, I miss Rage. One of the greatest bands ever IMHO. I listen to them every time I ride my MTB on the trails.

And we were only a bit over a year from losing our freedom. Yes, the terrorists won you cowards.