The Russians Are Coming!

For your bits! I must be on retribution list, as my server was a bit overloaded this morning, plus I have A LOT of failed logins coming from Russia (and Lithuania, right after them). I don’t think they’ve accessed my server, but security is my priority for the next few days.
Must be because Murica has bombed Syria. Something with which I had absolutely nothing to do.
You got that Russia? This blog stands against the warhawks. If you take my site down, you’ll be erasing a dissident voice. Maybe that is why the Russians are coming.

Addressing The Following

F*** YOU TO THE FCC COMMISSIONERS who voted to repeal net neutrality
And the rest of the greedy f***s who go along with it.
It ain’t nothing but another money grab. S**t will get worse. I assure you.
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Yet Another Reason Not To Use Comcast. Not like there isn’t infinity reasons to avoid them like the plauge…
The arrogance. The deceit. The only caring about the # of subscribers you have. The constant shifts in ‘policy’. The traffic shaping. Oh your network can’t handle the amount of subscribers you have? Doesn’t matter to me in the least. All I know is NOT TO USE COMCAST…EVER! This website wouldn’t exist if I was on comcast’s sorry excuse for a network. Nope they are too fascist and controlling to allow such independence. And yet, the luddite keep falling for their marketing.
My internet advice, which I reiterate, to all of you: AVOID COMCAST LIKE THE F*#@ING PLAUGE.
If they break network neutrality, their sole job, then they should be broken…up.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I will NEVER use comcast. I’d rather become a luddite than traverse the network of that sorry excuse for an ISP. And that I doesn’t stand for Internet. Bunch of crazy jag-ons.

No Question

Gilbert was absolutely without a doubt putting his hands up.
Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez killed him in cold blood. There was absolutely no justification for murder. And don’t go spewing that you don’t know all the facts. I don’t care if he was running, insulting the cops, or even swinging at them. Lethal force was not justified.
Officers Vasquez and Sanchez should be charged with capital murder. The entire department disbanded and replaced.
And in the end you know what this does? It dissolved trust in our police, which thereby dissolves the foundations of our society. People (stupidly) trust cops, but less-and-less do everyday. Soon, my view will be the majority. Then the reckoning will come.
Killed in cold blood

When Will It Be Your Moment?

This was Mike Cox’s
FTA: ‘”It was humiliating what happened to me,” he said. “There’s no reason to treat anyone like that. And then to just leave them. And if they do it to me — another police officer — would they do it to another person if they got away with it?’