Every Day is exactly the same

I try and try but alas, I can not get it done. I need to point to domains on my server. This one, MjNet, and my alt site, TK. I Need to get it working before I do anything else. I’ve just got to get it setup and my subdoimin.michaeljohnston..net to point towards the TK site and then http://taintedkernel.michaeljohnston.net, and then CNAME TK to subdoimain.michaeljohnston.net. Complex, yes? but I choose to set WP up using subdomainns, so its my only option. The woes of a post trysabri attack MSer are obviously incomplete.

As you can probably tell

My attention span is absolute shit these days. Seriously, I make so many plans from so many good ideas, but I hardly follow up on them, Like this post. I had intended in talking about how much my attention span is shit, but In having trouble banging this out on my keyboard. Then I start focusing on how my life has gone to shit, Totally. Fully. Complete shit, And now I’m suck in my life is complete shit cycle.

Well then, its time for my evening pills. My advice for the internet: Don’t get MS, and if you do, DO NOT treat it with tysabri,


I haven’t been biking a lot lately, largely in part to two influences.

!.)The cold

2.)I’ve been recently very lazy. More than usual. I hate to think it was the covid. I’ve gotten through that relatively unscathed. For which I’m thankful. At least I didn’t get vented!

That seems to be the current outcome for MS + covid. For a dude in his early 40’s who was in great shape up until the great attack. But I suppose only hard work will do that . I’ve certainly got the itch to get back on the bike. It might have to warm up first.

Oh and arch linux is the new Gentoo, Equally as frustrating and without the success. Yet.

If you’re familiar with my site

you probably realize the last 2+ years have been nothing but a convoluted living hell for me. In so many ways. Ever since the tysabri induced megaflair-up of…at least i think it was in march 2019. My brain is toast, shit-on-a-shingle. Its bad…terribly bad. Ive always thought i could live with disability from this disease, but disability from the medication i was taking – it was the furthest thought from my mind prior to the attack. Life was good. I was riding 2000+ miles a year. Now though i am utterly f*cked. I can barely ride my bike. let alone crush it like i used to do.

blindsided is how i would describe the great tysabri attack of 2019. Totally uncalled for, and i feel like my neuro didnt do a good job explaining how bad it would be. Absolutely devestating. Ill get more into all of that when i recuperate some energy. But for now, all you get is how much tysabri sucks and destroyed my life.