The pure joy I feel

Being that my server is setup absolutely perfectly (I hope, at least).

SSL Cert transfer was easy enough. Let’s go letsencryp! My thanks ot the countless of open source projects that made it possible for me to follow my computer brain, even after it was majorly damaged as of (somewhat) recent.

So, honorable mentiones:





Man, i’ve believed in open source since the 90’s, and that bet is really paying off. Thx to all the contributers!


the theme wasn’t fixed while I was gone. Hopes thoroughly dashed. I’ll be looking into alternate plans in the meantime.

Giddy AF

omg the wp app is working via my phone, now to get tk working with the app. Something ive been working on before tk and mjnet werent my only sites. But tk and mjnet are the og domains and i could never let them go.


Do you hear that? No? of course not. You don’t have access to my server room. But the new server is quietly humming along serving up this blog and TK perfectly.

Now, my next conquest is to find a cheap and easy email provider. My be my registrar?


I’m almost to 100% just gotta finish the settings for now.