Addressing The Following

F*** YOU TO THE FCC COMMISSIONERS who voted to repeal net neutrality
And the rest of the greedy f***s who go along with it.
It ain’t nothing but another money grab. S**t will get worse. I assure you.
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Duck Fonald

I’ve come up with the appropriate title for that fascist idiot who now occupies the white house:
Президент фашистская
although this alternate may be more direct:
ебать Дональд

I Didn't Worship the FSM

But now that a court has ruled it not a real religion, I may join.
Tell me whom I can worship is a bit beyond the courts, don’t you think?
Why does the court think it is OK to workship some ~2,000 year old dead dude but no the FSM? This is bull!

My Brand New Ex

My first new car ever. My first car in six years. I love it. It’s great.
It’s got a dent above the driver’s side door at 197 miles, WTF?
So my brand new car can’t go more than 200 miles without getting f***ed up?
I’ll remember that shit…every day of my motherf***ing life. Every GD second. I will never forget the ignorance that caused this. The sheer stupidity and thoughlessness. I’m sick of it and will do everything in my power to ensure that YOU and your GD laziness and stupidity stay the f*** away from my car. I don’t even want you looking at it at this point. F***ing thoughtless motherf***ers.
I do not forget such stupidity, I will not forgive suck willful ignorance.