Addressing The Following

F*** YOU TO THE FCC COMMISSIONERS who voted to repeal net neutrality

And the rest of the greedy f***s who go along with it.

It ain’t nothing but another money grab. S**t will get worse. I assure you.

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NFL Football: Dead To Me

I’ve noticed the serioua shift in ‘momentum’ start a few years ago. The focus on the individual, not the team. Micromanaging of every play. The play-by-play announcers on television. The celebrations after almost every 10+ yard play. And the refs clearly deciding the outcome of games based on whatever they think.

I’ve barely watched the NFL…errr…the Bears this year. And I doubt I’ll be watching much more if any. I guess it’s time to pick a school and start watching College ball. Hello Saturdays, the new day of football.


You’re aiding the terrorists, you traitor!

Wait, isn’t that terrorista dead as f**k?!?! You’ve been killed by the ‘muslim hating’ West, bitch!

And last, don’t forget the fanatical Muslims started it. Do you yet regret OBL’s actions? Probably not, the fanatics of your religion WANT to die.

My Server Says

It’s too damned hot!

If you haven’t noticed some downtime as of late, it’s because it’s the midst of summer and the garage is getting rather hot. I’m now on the verge of moving it inside. I’d rather not, but ya gotta do when it’s your server hosted out of a garage.


It may be the oldest beer brewed in Murica, but it definitely isn’t the greatest (I say without ever having tasted it). Especially when the owner is espousing anti-union rhetoric, “Owner Dick Yuengling recently spoke in Harrisburg, PA on August 26, 2013 and made his anti-union beliefs quite clear, and calling for Pennsylvania to be a “right to work” state, and praising Republican governor Tom Corbett.”

Drinking the rich guy juice too much there bro. That’s how you’ll become an irrelevant figment of the past. F’ing right-wingers cloaking their agenda in some confusing to the common man language. “Right to work” is some utter BS and should be repealed nationwide.

Personally I drink beer (especially fat tire) from New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Only the best beer in the best town in the best state in this country!