I think my server

Is in desperate need of an UPS. It was sitting here all afternoon powered off…which I didn’t notice as the monitor is off (unplugged). It was only that the keyboard wasn’t powered on that caused me to notice. Which had led me to the conclusion that I need a UPS. It’d help out my server anyway, right?

I’ve done it

I’ve gotten TK back up on my local server. Damn it took a lot of my brain for the day. The cost of being a persistent techie. I’ll wait until tomorrow to unveil it. My brain needs the rest of the evening off.


be working on getting tk moved alongside MJnet now. I need a pardon our sawdust sign. Although thatd be up all the time


Will not be down fore a month anytime in the near future. At least i certainly hope!

It’s never enough

My site’s back, finally, But I’m already thinking on how to expand it. You’d think I’d be happy re-achieving this goal. Not to mention how focused I am over the site health. At least the fence is fixed!

Well then

back from the dead for the fourth time. At least. On to finding a better backup solution.


Server homeostasis. A blissful place to be, that’s for sure. Now to figure out backup options beyond just a db backup. Back to groove salad classic.