Trust Me

There will be a tsunami of books that come out detailing what delusional President Dump did wrong.

The first thing will be how government is not a business.

Second will be reality tv doesn’t qualify you for the highest office in the land.

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Ok, I have to denounce the nihilistic, deceptive, self-serving right-wing agenda of these ADs I’ve been forced to watch on YouTube. SKIP SKIP SKIP!

Some moron gets in front of the camera and starts espousing a bunch of straw-man arguments in which, at least I believe, he is trying to sway a bunch of kids into the right-wing agenda. And the rest of the unthinking Youtube crowd too.

Really? As soon as one innocent person does on death row it was over for me. If it’s broken at all, it can’t be fixed.

Is it really the right-wing’s agenda to capitalize on a bunch of ignorant people to further their own agena? (Quick answer is yes)

To Further their status in life? Why? You don’t take it with when you die. Your kids will just blow all that money you bequeath them.

Capitalism has gone astray. Crony capitalism is with what we all end up.

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To Be Clear

There is no such thing as a digital antenna.

I saw a review that mentioned an antenna, to which the reviewer referred to it as a digital antenna. At every opportunity.

I laughed and barfed a little bit at that wilful ignorance.

I will certainly concede that I am so wrong if I am shown, in person if possible, an antenna made out of bits.

I believe the term for which you are looking is HD.

I think I’m being a bit pedantic today.

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We’re having a jitter issue with our VOIP service. Actually it may be tied to the AT&T internet service which we currently use.

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People +AM = HURRY!

Wow people are very much in a rush in the early morning. Get it, as we live in me first murica, I just won’t participate in it.

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