The genocide olympics are over! Too bad the genocide is not (for the victims).

Yeah, after what almost 2 years of avoiding it

I likely have the ‘vid. My wife’s careless coworker brought it to work and gave it to her. Who in turn likely gave it to me and the kids. Dumb ass newbie* has ruined my Christmas , and in turn my already shitty 2021. Not only mine, but the whole family had it ruined. Straight up drove a truck into it.

The careless, thoughtless coworker dumbass is never to be forgiven.

I without a doubt

blame the cover-up causing chinese government for this pandemic. You people are terrible human beings and don’t deserve to inhabit this planet any longer.

Your dumb ass pendemic has reached me halfway across the world. Thank goodness i had gotten an initial dose of jansen’s vaccine so i can continue to berate you for the rest of my life. Western medicine for the win!