How the F does anyone use BookFace when they ask you to prove your identity every two flipping days?

Un Fing Believable BookFace

Addressing The Following

F*** YOU TO THE FCC COMMISSIONERS who voted to repeal net neutrality

And the rest of the greedy f***s who go along with it.

It ain’t nothing but another money grab. S**t will get worse. I assure you.

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Attention Friends And Family

My phone, aSamsung S4 active, took a dump this morning for no reason. Ill be without a phone until a replacement is obtained. Until then no txts.

I've Told You

A thousand times, at least.

You can not trust the police. They don’t even bother with perpetrating such a view. There is no officer freindly, just the D.A.R.E. officer. Whom my daughter met this year.

Fsck you R. Regan! Your drug policy was the start of the spiral of this country. Fsck N. Reagan too, with her Just Say No BS!

Stealing our child’s lives. BULLSH*T! More think of the children crap for expanding the prison industrial complex. F Them!

And damn that snowballed quickly!

From The Annals of Hate

Mormons hate gay people.

Surprise, surprise. Another religion operating using hate? When will people wake up. Religion should not be about hate (take note, extremists), but about love, acceptance, and inclusion.