new phone fever

it has taken control. Getting used to rhe new s24+. I certainly dig it. Luckily they doubled the storage when you ordered one…damn good thing too as in the ever accelerating race to the bottom that we’re all on SAMSUNG in their infinite wisdom decided to remove the sd card slot. Albeit it being cramped in the card slot, the extra storage was always a good thing. But like anything good it will go away in time

Oh boy

Let the S24+ woes begin. I suppose I’ll have to take it back to ATT store for a new sim. I can’t connect to the network!

UPDATE: I used the old phone’s sim card, and all is right. Now to turn in the S10+. I’ll the ATT rep take care of the sim cards then,


the wait really is the hardest part. Of course I am constantly reminded of that.


I went to the ATT store today to get a new S22, and they have not yet been released. I’ll be suffering my debilitated s10 until the new S22 arrives.

no. The new s24+ should arrive in a couple days. Then ill have to surrender the most triumphent s10+. Too bad it got abused and the screen got a small crack on the side. Its been venerable in its service to me. Damn curved screen got me though 😞


Itll be here tomorrow. Tomorrows going to take forever.

Oh Yeah

I’ll be taking a nokia if I can change the battery. The greatest sin of the cell phone industry was introducing non-swappable batteries. Now it’s, unfortunately, on most consumer goods. Good on you nokia for apparently bucking that trend.

Ugh, I remember making the switch from a Motorola atrix to a Samsung S series. loved it, and I’ve been using it ever since I made the switch. But ever since I’ve missed the ability to swap out my own batteries.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time to start looking at new phones.