Addressing The Following

F*** YOU TO THE FCC COMMISSIONERS who voted to repeal net neutrality

And the rest of the greedy f***s who go along with it.

It ain’t nothing but another money grab. S**t will get worse. I assure you.

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Swedish Engineer Points Out Problem

Gets a fine.

Did I mention is was a problem with a red-light camera.

IMHO: he should get an award and the government of the municipality that fined him should be publicly executed by the aforementioned Swedish engineer and/or his wife. If they want to do that.

FTA: ‘Järlström said he only wanted to bring information to the public. “I am baffled and shocked,” he said. “I feel violated that I can’t state who I am by saying ‘I’m an engineer’ and I can’t even talk about traffic signals.”‘

Bureaucracy at its finest! Welcome to ‘Murica!

For It Is Told

When everybody start thinking like I do, the status quo will fall.

I do not agree with the ‘ranchers’ or whaterver ‘taking over’ federal land. That just won’t work and is stupid and blowhardish.

But, the FBI and Oregon State police killed Robert “LaVoy” Finicum in cold blood while he was surrendering in cold blood.

Good job ‘authority figures’, soon everybody will have my view. If the cops can get me to despise them over such an incident in which they were right. It actually won’t be long.

Consider the consumer confidence has been knocked down a few more notches for the common person. It’ll soon be like Japanese interest rates: negative.

You just can not kill someone as they are surrendering. That’s really the only thing that separates the cops from criminals.

Cementing our place as a fascist state: the fascist states of ‘Murica!

Today's Spelling Of Fascist*

Kim Davis.

They should fire her uncooperative arse for not doing her job, but alas, she is employed in the fascist state of Kentucky. Those punks are probably too busy patting her on the back while they’re saying, “screw those queers!”. Which in itself would be fitting.

But it’s this line, quoted from the above article, that’ll do her in: ‘”Under God’s authority,” Davis replied.’

Don’t you see what’s wrong here? You are pushing YOUR views unto others. Are you willfully following a false profits by doing this? That ostracizes your God and your fellow country people.

Dumb backwards-arse crazy haters.

*The 2015 meaning of fascist.

Freedom Day

The law that authorizes the NSA to collect data has expired, enjoy this freedom…while it lasts. The G is working on a compromise solution.



It makes sense. He’s 90.

And his bodyguards apparently paid the price.