Uncle joe, we’ve only known you for one term! Not to mention your eight years as VP, or your countless years as senator. Your replacement better be a standout!

If you feel a breeze, its probably just people letting out an exasperated gasp.

Biden’s resignation letter is posted below:

For now, let me express my deepest gratitude to all those who have worked so hard to see me reelected. I want to thank Vice President Kamala Harris for being an extraordinary partner in all this work. And let me express my heartfelt appreciation to the American people for the faith and trust you have placed in me.

I believe today what I always have: that there is nothing America can’t do — when we do it together. We just have to remember we are the United States of America.

Joe Biden.

Dear YouTube advertisers

When we talk about socialism, we’re talking about DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM. Not the fascist kind. And we are not a socialist country, I certainly don’t see the harm in talking about it.

Who is going to win

according to Peter Zeihan:

Dear Youtube

I am so not a conservative, so you constantly showing me adds about conservative pitchman saying ‘conservative’ in the first few seconds of their commercials, it just militarizes me in my politics.

Thanks alphabet. Anything as long as it pads your bottom dollars.


Republofasists in the US house have ousted their leader. Be sure to stay classy!