A few more days of laze

then I’ll get back to the server backup, for which I do not have an adequate solution…yet. maybe that’s what I’ll do with my life days off.

It’s looking bad

for TK. I’m having trouble bringing it back up. And I’ll be mentally banging my head into a wall until it’s resolved. Whenever that’ll be. I can bring it up locally via the server using lynx. but even firefox or edge locally has trouble.

So I’ve built a new server

Yet here I am again troubleshooting DNS settings trying to figure out why the SSL is causing a too many redirects errors. #FOREVERFRUSTRATING

Guh. Its apparently an SSL issue. Bout time i dove in that pool…headfirst!


At the second to worst time, my belkin power strip has failed. Which has led to total network failure.

Le Sigh

My ever loving technolust is messing with my life again. I’ve ordered a new server…beause I obviously hate myself. So largely It’ll be a lot of server updates over the next few weeks. Oh and hopefully TK will be back up because of this,

I think my server

Is in desperate need of an UPS. It was sitting here all afternoon powered off…which I didn’t notice as the monitor is off (unplugged). It was only that the keyboard wasn’t powered on that caused me to notice. Which had led me to the conclusion that I need a UPS. It’d help out my server anyway, right?