Goodbye Net Neutrality

The long standing rule of the Interwebz, net neutrality, is gone today thanks to that orange turd sitting in the white house, Frump.
Yeah, it’s been working well for people, that’s why it had to go? Right you fascist motherf****r? Clearly fairness is not in your play book.That much is obvious.
So yeah, don’t change your Internet plan until net neutrality is restored.
See how that works dumb-ass Frump. Once you’re going to be leaving the white house, you can have someone harp over you and your fascist actions – and it will be most enjoyable – you can know what a thoughtless f***t**d you really are, and how your convoluted, self-aggrandizing, bubble-living orange a** you really are. GFY you Internet-destroying orange fascist.

I Warned You All

Of the articles indicating that North America was in danger of running out of IPv4 addresses.
It has happened.
And it’s not the consumers subscribed to ISPs that are wasting them, it’s the businesses e.g. corporate entities. They’re ruining everything for us real people.

You Know What?

I don’t care Sony was pwn3d by crackers. It doesn’t matter. I won’t be seeing ‘The Interview’ on or shortly after Xmas. In fact, this all may be a ploy. I can’t be sure of anything anymore in this country, and it seems awfully convenient for Sony and Rogan for hyping ‘The Interview’.
But, I can’t be sure WTF has happened. All I can do is keep not caring. Not my problem you corporate behemoth. Woe is you. Shouldn’t have cheeped out on your network security.
George Clooney is calling for the release of ‘The Interview’ online. (Good idea!)
While the FBI formally accuses North Korea of the crack.

OP CS Day Three

Yeah…I can’t do it…I need a break. We’re going to my parents house. Friday the fun continues.

OP CS Day Two

And thusly, as I had finished my coffee and some leftovers from yesterday, I shall continue with OP CS. Day two will hopefully compose of thoroughly cleaning the bedrooms and bathroom. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Actually, I may go for a bike ride first. Gotta get those miles in.
I went for a ride. It’s on strava, and the video is uploading now. Cleaning went…well…alright. I got the bedroom somewhat cleaned. Good enough to move on to the next phase – bathroom and kids room. The former should be fairly simple, but the kids room will be A LOT of work. But it’ll have to wait until at least Friday, as I’m taking the kids to the P’s tomorrow.


Operation Constant Squalor phase one is now in effect. Hopefully I can make it to the second state, but the kids are making that very difficult.
Lets hope we don’t get to phase three.

Attention All Ye Trail Riders!

The poplar creek horse trail that crosses golf road, on the south side has tall grasses and is very unkempt. It’s also an area that is water logged. So when I was trying to recover my lost GPS unit (which I did, but lost my tail light) I had to go back through that spot again, the other way. Going North to South is horrible. Go South to North if you have the choice. Either way, don’t stop and DO NOT PUT YOUR FEET DOWN IF YOU CAN HELP IT. I bogged out and was going to drop, so I had to put my feet down and stumble backwards a bit. This was my error. I hopped back on my bike and started riding again as quick as I could, but lo-and-behold (as I mentioned before) I had a red/brown legged tick making it’s way up my leg. I swatted the crap outta my leg to remove the tick, which I did. Then I come home, ditch my clothes on the front porch (excepting my underwear) and come in. Fast forward to a couple of days later when I’m ready for my next ride. I grabbed my shoes so I could tool around the paved path. I’m avoiding the woods for a while. Upon dropping my shoes on the floor, a tick* popped off my shoes and started crawling on the floor.
FREAK OUT! GDI I hate ticks.
Must’ve been trapped under the mud on my shoes and dropping it on the floor must’ve freed it.
I ended up capturing that one too, but in an empty pill bottle. Now I’ve got a desk with two captive ticks on it. Here is an interesting bit of tick info: ticks can climb plastic containters, but glass they do not seem able to traverse.
*It was quite obviously a deer tick with the single white spot on it’s back *shudder*
Here is the location:
Where the ticks roam

Freaking Ticks

If it’s not bad enough my daughter had one crawling on her in the front year. I go for a bike ride in the poplar creek horse trails. During which I lost my Garmin GPS unit (I consider it my speed-O-meter). Not being happy I lost my GPS, I tracked back along the path I took. Eventually I found the unit, but during the back tracking I had to go through some slippery mud; my back tire does not abide. I slipped and had to put my feet down in some questionable grass. I got back on the bike ASAP, but lo and behold when I looked down to check my legs, I saw a red|brown legged tick scurrying up my leg…or perhaps I felt it and looked. None-the-less, I swiped my legs feverishly to shoo the tick off me. It is gone, and during a tick check before my shower I think it’s safe to declare me tick free! But, alas, I now fear having to go back into the woods; but I’ll never be a roadie! As you all know, I freaking hate ticks with a passion. Even now, every sensation I have on my body brings the thought of, “Uh-oh, tick!?!”
I HATE ticks! Those useless disease carrying parasites deserve to be eradicated from the face of this earth! I call for eradication of ticks from the face of this earth!