The Beginning

Of something terrible. The Nazis (as neo-nazi is one in the same) and the remainder of the white power movement are staring to try to usurp our democracy.


People are people, no matter their color. If you think that color differentiates us, you’re an unthinking idiot. Stop with the crowd mentality and think for yourself.

I know that good will prevail.

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Oh yeah, trump is a blowhard fascist.

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I'm Getting Old

I hate how Twitter has become politicians mouth pieces.

I’m watching a news clip on the net, and it shows pictures of three politicians. Then it stamps Twitter posts on top of them (with a stupid dumb sound effect).

What happened to actually playing a clip of a politician saying something? Or can all of your attention spans not handle That?

See, I’m getting crotchety. It’s society’s fault.

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I Feel Like A Bystandar In My Own Life`

You know the bystander who is just standing there and is wasted by some errant gunfire for no reason.

That is how my life feels almost every day.

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Goodbye Cannon 50mm Lense

I made the mistake of leaving my camera out on a tripod where my infant could get at it. Said infant pulled it over on the tile…twice. The lens could not withstand the force.

I’ve lost a lense. My favorite Cannon 50mm prime lense. I’m sure most would consider this lens inconsequential, however, it was my best lens.

Worst part of all is my daily shot of my oldest daughter got ruined.

I f***ing hate life right now.

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