As An American

I can admit the metric system is better than the imperial metric system we use here in the sometimes backwards USofA.

Quite a statement? I used logic to come to that conclusion.

Everything we do in life, aside from imperial measurements, is in the decimal system. Why convert to a different system for measurement?

Why? Arrogant bullheadedness.

I vote we convert to the metric system as the US had originally intended.


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For Every Action

There is an equal and opposite reaction.

AKA The left’s rising, but the media better come up with a name better than the left-wing tea party. I despise the tea party.

(left-wing tea party is called Indivisible – of which I’m not a huge fan, but it’s better than left-wing tea party)

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I'm Back! Again

Yup, the database has been restored. I’ve still got to grab the latest images, though, not very important.

I need to relax.

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More Relevant Today

Than in 2004 when it was released. For me anyway.

The rest of ‘Murcia just doesn’t seem to get it. And they likely never will.


And this is so very clearly NSFW: Language.

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Decent Computer Chairs

Are worth their weight in gold. My last computer chair busted ~six months ago, and I’ve been using a folding chair in lieu of getting a new one.

Well I finally capitulated and went to ikea today and bought a $60 computer chair. That was reasonable compared to the $200+ chairs they offered.

OMG, my life is instantly better! SO VERY MUCH BETTER. I wish I would’ve spent this money long ago.

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We Need Some SLJ

“English mother#!(%er! Do you speak it?”
-Samuel L. Jackson

Whom incidentally has the same initials as someone I love.

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