I Bought With BTC

Privacy. I paid BTC 0.013 for a month’s access to a VPN to be anonymous on the internet. My first Bitcoin purchase.


I got a bitcoin payout! It was only 10mBTC, but ya gotta start somewhere. Next step is going for 100 mBTC (0.1 BTC), that’ll still take a few months I predict.

The Antminer Is Ripping!

My Antminer, which is under-clocked, is busting up hashes at a rate of 1.38Gh/s (28x faster than the cheap GPU on which I first experimented). Very impressive. I may actually see a payout soon!

I’ve also rededicated my old BTC GPU miner to LTC mining. It’s pretty slow miner which runs at ~35Mh/s. Using scrypt for LTC, which is significantly slower, I’m only seeing ~ 15Kh/s.