Sunday Morning

And I’ve fixed the editing boxes on my wiki. I think they’ve been like that since we went to college. Private wiki, it wasn’t that important.

And I’ve managed to accomplish something so my youngest has awoken and is FSU.

Holy F****ing S**t!

Medical pot will finally go on sale 9 November 2015. Something a mere two years after the program was established. Those two years will cut into the pilot program’s four years. F that. I’ll go to a drug dealer on the black market, go f*** yourself civil society! On top of how much gruff my neuro has given me about this once it was established. His tune of ‘Sure, I’ll write you a script if marijuana becomes legal’ tune sure changed when it became medicinally legal.

They should just pull the trigger and make recreational pot legal. We wouldn’t see the results of that until probably 2020.

Illinois politics may be messed-the-f***ed-up, but at least it is a majority of democrats that’ll run this ship into the ground.

Not that the D is any better than the R. Both parites stand for big corporations and against the little guy. You know, exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Corrupt as f**k!

It’s the D vs. R that will kill this country. And probably a lot of the peopl…errr…corporations. F**k citizen’s united in the goat a$$!

Welcome to the other side of the Animal Farm my fellow ‘Muricans! Wow-That tangentialized quick! And let’s finish big!

Bruce Rauner is a fascist and thoughless right-winger concerned only with his own gains. If Quinn was still in office, we’d have access already. Your political games bore me.

And OMG the citizen’s united organization is totally fascist right wing group. They’d make Nazi’s question their right-wing views.

War Were Declared

Careful supreme leader. You might not like the outcome of sending human wave after human wave to their death. That is if you haven’t starved them already despot Un.

And that right there is a good reason we make our CEO have an age >= 35. Hey wait, I’m over 35. Me for president!